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Covid-19 Protocols

Unity Yoga engaged the private health and safety consulting firm ASM Group to develop and monitor a COVID-19 plan.

Social distancing of 2 meters must be adhered to at all times.

Masks are optional while on your yoga mat. However, for everywhere else in the building masks are required.

Masks must be worn in the hallways, staircases, and bathrooms.

If you have any symptoms of Covid or any recent contact do not enter the building.

Class size is limited to 7 (including facilitator). This ensures a minimum of 2 meters social distancing between people inside the studio practice room.

Participants must bring their own equipment (mats, bolsters, cushions, bolsters, blocks, etc). None will be provided by the facilitator or the studio.

The studio floor is marked as to where participants can place mats to ensure social distancing of 2 meters.

The studio is located in a historic old stone building, which makes the studio naturally well ventilated. Additionally, the windows in the building are open often to enhance ventilation. Furthermore, during most operating hours in the months May, June, July, and August the windows are left open.

The studio is 666 square feet or 62 square meters. This means each human being (total of 7 max) in the studio has nearly 9 square meters of their own space. Additionally, the studio has a high ceiling, so plenty of space above each human being.

Hand sanitizer is available on all three floors – on the ground floor upon entering, on the first floor – the same floor that the bathrooms are located on, and the second floor inside the studio. The dispensers are touch free, auto-sensored.

All floors inside and outside the studio room are cleaned daily.

All frequently touched surfaces – door handles, stair railings, chairs, and bathrooms are cleaned daily.

Bins are emptied daily.

Facilitator will maintain a list of names and contact details of all who attend class for contact tracing purposes if necessary.

Participants are to vacate the building as soon as possible after class, no congregating in the hallways and stairways please.

Classes are timed so that all participants of one class will have left the building before the next class enters the building.

No hand shaking or hugging !!

Only 4 human beings at a time are allowed in the hallway directly outside the studio.

No food can be consumed in the studio.

Lights in the bathroom are auto-sensor (one less thing that needs to be touched !)


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