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Embodied Archetype Workshop – HUNTRESS

November 7, 2021 Sunday

1PM to 5PM

Led by Lewis Barfoot

Tickets : https://www.lewisbarfoot.com/event-details/embodied-archetype-workshop-huntress

Event Description

“Archetypal patterns awaken in us our own divine potential. They can help us shed light on the dark and little known corners of our souls” Caroline Myss

A creative workshop for women exploring the raw energy of the Goddess Artemis through visualizations, movement, dance, ritual, ceremony, sounding and singing. Led by actress, singer, theatre maker and healer Lewis Barfoot. Join Lewis in the new moon for a guided journey through the body and voice to discover your inner Huntress. 

Huntress wisdom

This is an invitation to sharpen your focus and visioning with the help and pure sighted clarity of the Huntress.  Artemis as the Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon is the embodiment of the independent female spirit; an archetype that allows a woman to seek her own goals on terrain of her own choosing. She invites authentic action, focus and independence. Perfectly balancing the masculine and feminine within her, she stalks her own true nature, knowing when to act, when to wait, when to speak, when to be silent. She is the keeper of the perfect moment.


If you are reading this, then it is probably for You. The workshop aimed at women, AFAB, female-identified, non-binary people and is trans-inclusive. We meet in confidence to journey together in a sacred circle as a sisterhood. The work may be therapeutic but it is not therapy. It does not involve plant medicines.

Archetypal patterns can help us shed light on the dark and little known corners of our souls and amplify our brilliance” Caroline Myss

PREP: You don’t need to prepare anything.

  • Wear something you feel beautiful in and can move in.
  • Bring a water bottle, and snacks if you need them
  • Bring a pad or notebook and pen/pencils.


“The honesty and trust Lewis provides when working is beautiful” 

“Such a transformative workshop and thank you for holding the space so well”  

“You created such a special, warm & safe atmosphere”

“I felt a deeper connection to aspects of myself that I don’t often connect with”

“I felt IMMENSE CALM. A lovely way to spend the day – wonderful to be with these women”

“ I found today extremely rewarding for my sense of self and my personal journey” 



To book : https://www.lewisbarfoot.com/event-details/embodied-archetype-workshop-huntress


If cancelled more than 7 days before workshop – 50% refundable

If cancelled within 7 days of workshop – €0 refundable (Unless you find someone to take your place)





Operating an inclusive vaccine neutral space. If you are sick please stay away.


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