Breaking News : Yoga class this Saturday morning, Oct 23, with Joan Hart !!!


Well, what’s it all about Unity Yoga ? It’s about yoga, of course. More specifically though, about having fun doing yoga, or ananda, the sanskrit (ancient Indian language) word for bliss.

Yoga, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and Tantra all originated about the same time and place, and many of its tenets and philosophies overlap, the boundaries between them can be fluid. The core beliefs and goals of these traditions are almost identical – the belief that life is full of pain and suffering and the goal is to transcend the disaster of life so we escape (via enlightenment in Buddhism and samadhi in Yoga) the endless vicious cycle of rebirth, life, and death. Whoa ! Give me a break here. Unity’s ethos is let’s have so much fun, bliss, and creativity here on Earth that we are dying (pun intended) to come back, we are jumping que to get back to the planet as soon as possible. Although Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and Tantra have changed somewhat over time, Yoga is miles (or kilometers as is said here in Ireland !) ahead in adapting and evolving to changing times.

Unity Yoga is a yoga studio providing yoga classes, workshops, and private sessions. Additionally, classes are held outside of the studio under the Unity Yoga banner at business premises in Clonakilty and on Inchydoney Beach (weather permitting) ! The studio space is rented out to other yoga (as well as pilates, meditation, dance, and wellness) teachers and for non-yoga events (including a wedding ceremony) ! International renowned yoga teachers have presented workshop events at the studio. Renowned local heroes and heroines have facilitated happiness at the studio as well. Even aliens have inquired about holding events at the studio !

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