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Privacy Policy

Unity Yoga (business name registered in the Republic of Ireland # 442489) is owned and operated by Jeff Gonet, CYO (Chief Yogi Officer) who is registered as a sole trader with the Irish Revenue Department. This privacy policy is written in clear, plain, and understandable language in layperson terms. The terms “we”, “us”, “I”, “our”, Unity” refer to Unity Yoga / Jeff Gonet.

Unity Yoga believes that privacy is an important right of all human beings. Due to technological “advances”, the right to privacy has never been as critical an issue in the world as it is now. We want all visitors to www.unityyoga.ie to know what information is collected from our site, and how and why it is used.

What data do we collect, how is it collected, and what is it used for ?

If you book a class or event via Unity Yoga’s booking system, you provide your name and email address. This information is used to reserve your spot in the class or event and to send you a booking confirmation email.

If you pay for a class or event via Unity Yoga’s payment processing system, you provide your contact and credit card details. Your email is used to send you a payment confirmation. You can choose to opt to have your credit card details saved to the payment system.

If you use Unity’s website to sign up for the newsletter you provide your name and email address. Unity provides this information to it’s bulk email service provider.

If you buy a product from Unity’s yoga shop, you provide your contact details.

Controlling Your Personal Information

Unity Yoga would NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT selling your personal data to anyone for any reason !!!


Unity Yoga necessary cookies, that without these cookies, the website could not function, one probably wouldn’t even be able to access the website. We also use analytical cookies to help optimize the website to enhance the visitor’s experience.

How to Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact Jeff Gonet at jeff@unityyoga.ie or 086-301-4428


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