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Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

June 2021

Jeff Gonet :  

Sukhasana, aka Easy Pose is the primary pose used for meditation and might be the first ever yoga pose (read more about the history of yoga poses). However, this pose is not easy for everyone, especially some beginners. When I learned Transcendental Meditation at the age of 19, I practiced it off and on for many years while sitting in a chair as it was too uncomfortable for me to sit cross legged (Sukhasana) for more than a 1.1 minutes !  (After my first year of practicing Yoga I have been able to meditate while sitting cross legged ! However, it’s fine to sit in a chair while meditating). When I first began practicing Sukhasana, my knees were closer to my ears than the earth !  A bit like this photo :

yoga class

Now, from practicing yoga since 2001, and from help with gravity, my knees have moved closer to the earth in Easy Pose :

yoga class

I still sit on a cushion while in Sukhasana (as do most other yogis).  The original Yogis say that the only reason to perform multiple types of asanas (postures) is to make it easier to sit in Easy Pose to meditate.

I would love to take before and after pictures of beginner yogis, what they looked like in certain poses during their first yoga class, and what they looked like a year later.  Normally, the first year of doing yoga on a regular basis is when the body loosens up the most.  However, beginner yogis can be self-conscious (I certainly was !), so I would be hesitant to put them through such an ordeal.

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